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Xtra-Mile Training

Welcome to Xtra-Mile Training. Since 2008 we have earned a reputation for delivering high quality training for the hospitality industry. We provide professional business courses from excellence in customer service, train the trainer, through to basic skills in hospitality as well as offering assessment in SVQs.

The Standard

During the management of the project "St Andrews Skills Academy" we were instrumental in the development of the St Andrews Standard, in partnership with the tourism employers. The award winning Standard is a part customer service initiative comprising a one day workshop in delivering service excellence, an assessment to show that the candidates are effectively using their skills back in the workplace. The third part is a tailored local knowledge quiz. On successful completion of all three parts the candidate receives a lapel pin and certificate which has been endorsed by the SQA.

As the tourism industry continues to expand across the globe we recgonise that the people and the product are the strength to achieving outstanding success. Xtra-Mile Training has recently gained industry recognition and achieved an award for it Innovation in Training from the Scottish Training Federation.

Due to the resounding success of the St Andrews Standard we are now developing further standards throughout Scotland, with one currently available for each of the six main towns and areas in Fife.

What we do

  • Excellence in Customer Service
  • The Standard
  • Train the Trainer
  • Basic Hospitality Skills
  • Gap Year Training
  • Assessment in SVQs
  • Signposting Employers
  • Helpline for Employers

Benefits to the Standard

The Standard has the potential to benefit employers, staff and tourists, and therefore residents of your local town and area.

The benefits for your staff are: 1) staff who display local pride and knowledge will improve the visitor experience, bringing in more visitors to your local area. 2) Staff who can make confident, first-hand recommendations and dispense relevant information about the town are more likely to feel job satisfaction. 3) Staff who feel involved in the larger plan for your local area can discover a renewed sense of purpose, motivating them to provide better service.

The benefits for your business are: 1) Businesses benefit from a motivated, informed and skill workforce. 2) Businesses who involve themselves with cross-selling and referrals to other employers will drive further visits, both to their own establishment and your local area as a destination.