Hospitality Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland


A snapshot of testimonials from some of our apprentices who have achieved their qualification through

Doing my Hospitality, Supervision & Leadership Modern Apprenticeship at SCQF Level 7 initially and then moving on to my Hospitality Management Skills at SCQF Level 8 has given me such a confidence boost within my role and my career. It gives you such a great feeling to be able to achieve qualifications based on what I do in my everyday job role. I would definitely recommend doing a SVQ with Xtra-Mile to not only help with confidence but also to be able to open more doors with my employer. 

S Cooper

I was delighted with the opportunity Xtra-Mile gave me to gain such a valuable, professional qualification whilst working full time. The balanced structure of the apprenticeship has been a perfect way to implement new knowledge and practices into the work I do immediately as I learn it. The experience with Xtra-Mile being so flexible and tailored to my development needs has certainly helped me improve as a leader for my team and my business. The mentorship I received from David throughout and since completing the apprenticeship has been invaluable as he shares his experiences and has helped me understand a balanced approach to leadership. I can’t thank David and the Xtra-Mile team enough for the effort the put into myself and my colleagues, helping us grow in the hospitality industry. I fully recommend working with Xtra-Mile if you work in hospitality and are dedicated to progressing, they can provide the tools to help you along the way. 

K Docherty

The Apprenticeship programme is a great opportunity to gain an industry recognised qualification whilst at work. Anneliese has been a great support throughout and has brought extra enjoyment to the whole process. I have already completed one qualification with Xtra-Mile and I am now completing my second qualification at a higher level. There is great flexibility with this, and Xtra-Mile allows you to work at your own pace. I would highly recommend this Apprenticeship to any partner as it helps you achieve great goals in life.

M Osborn

The Apprenticeship programme is a fantastic way to gain an industry recognised qualification while you work. Xtra- provided support, my assessor was great and supportive her personality made it easy and a pleasure to deal with while I worked towards achieving my Hospitality Supervision and Leadership qualification.’s approach was really flexible, they did not pressure me with timeframes and allowed me to work at my own pace. Since completing my qualification, I have successfully moved into a store manager role. I can not recommend the Apprenticeship programme highly enough – it is great for both team members and employers.

M Wilson

My experience with Anneliese and Xtra- has been so positive! It has helped me to pinpoint the areas of my job that I need to work on and to learn why some things are the way they are. I also feel like I have learned to be more confident in my workplace and to feel more empowered. I would totally recommend working with them!

D Medina

I was working as a Supervisor in a luxury hotel in Edinburgh. Last year through my employer I was lucky enough to do an apprenticeship with and I’ve been amazed with the standards and professionalism they had. Since the beginning, my assessor Anneliese, helped me to understand the process I was going through and how to get the results I wanted. We were in regular contact during the apprenticeship and she was very flexible on appointments depending on my rota. She assisted me during the training I received and always helped by motivating and coaching to get my best out of myself. The experience was incredibly rewarding and enjoyable at the same time. As a result of achieving the apprenticeship, I had an interview in a prestigious golf estate near London, where they evaluated my experience and qualifications and offered me a senior management position. I’d like to thank and mostly Anneliese who was amazing throughout the whole process. I’d recommend this apprenticeship to whoever strives for excellence and wants to achieve great goals in their lives.

A Ludovico